Saturday, January 31, 2004

Cold-blooded Old Times...

Wow. Seems like so long ago that I was sitting here in the public library, writing depressing crap on this site and worrying about getting a job and starting my post-graduate life over. Wowsa. Well, I guess it *was* last March, but it feels longer than that.

Hey there kids. Here's your extra-special, Super-Bowl-edition, weekend 'hiya' post.

I'm busy busy. I am learning that the weekend isn't for relaxing. Oh, no. The weekend is for getting everything done that you were too tired to do during the week. To the point where it sounds like that "activity" song from Captain Kangaroo: Driving, shopping, washing, drying,
Sweeping, filing, and collecting... etc.
I'm sure that made no sense unless you heard the tune that goes with it in my head. But since i doubt the music in my head is loud enough, you're going to have to trust me.

Went to the "NFL Experience" with my dad yesterday. For you uninitiated, that's the travelling interactive Exhibit/Activity/Shopping fest that occurs during the week before the Super Bowl, in whatever town the big game is being played. My dad got some free tickets, so we were able to go. I'll give you more details later, including (possibly) a link to a pic of my dad and I there. (Which will, of course, ruin the mystery for some of you as to what I look like. I worry about a drop in my readership, but I may just have to risk it.)

Oh, movie reviews! Yes, indeed, they will be up this weekend. At least two, possibly three. And one of them is Seabiscuit, as a matter of fact. I know my uninformed comments against the horse movie have caused some of you to defend its merits, which I appreciate. But you'll soon hear my thoughts on the matter. Exciting, yes? Okay, no. But I'll feel better about actually getting some reviews up again.

Now I remember the drawback of library computers--time limits. I must go kids, much to do. Stay warm, those of you in cooler climes, enjoy the Big Game, or at least the Big Party. Oh yeah, and All Star Survivor. I'm starting to get excited about that.

One favor to ask. If you are able, those of you who are Stateside, watch the last episode of "Ed" on Friday. I don't know why I'm asking this, but it's a great show and it deserves more praise than it's gotten. And it's a wedding episode, so those of you who love watching weddings will like it.

Okay that's all. I'll post the movie reviews, and more stuff, by Monday night.

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