Monday, January 05, 2004

General Hiya Post

Hey folks. Hope everyone's New Year was safe and happy.

Mine was good. A nice pastiche of domestic chores and loafing. *That's* what I call a holiday.

I do want to reinforce the fact, to all concerned friends, that I am not going to jump in front of any busses, no matter what the tone of my emails may indicate to the contrary. No worries.

Um, let's see. Why didn't I post on Friday? Um, laziness? No, actually I pulled up the ol' blog machine but when I went to type, I just had nothing to say. Nothing. Odd. So I didn't post.

I have little more to say today, outside of a nice fun project upcoming.

Oh, actually, I do have something to say. Or at least, a subject to bring up and discuss a bit.

Let's see. On other news, how about some love for the Green Bay Packers? I mean, I had been a longtime Cowboys fan, but in the last few years, I've lost my love for the boys in blue. (Cowboys, not cops. Nevermind.)

So I was surprised to find myself, for the first time ever, cheering for the Packers on Sunday in their wicked-cool overtime win. I think what won me over was the absolute glee on Bret Favre's face, every time he threw a touchdown. He was like a kid playing during the summer in a backyard. It was awesome. Go him. So yeah, I've decided to root for the Packers throughout the NFL playoffs. Hopefully my support won't be the proverbial "Kiss of Death". Lord knows, it didn't help my Texans.

Well, guess that's it for general news. On to a topical entry, and then the freaking cool list Manders did.

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