Thursday, June 19, 2003

And now for the rest of you...

Yes, it's been three weeks, but I've been gainfully semi-employed at Pearson, so gimme a break.

A quick news wrap-up (I'm supposed to be going to temp agencies right now!): I'm still job hunting...big surprise... Starting to write again regularly, after a few false-starts alluded to earlier. But it's happening now. So all that's stopping me is Microsoft's anti-piracy programming giving me fits about my "borrowed" copy of MS Office. Oh well. That's what happens when you're poor and desperate.

OH, big news on the personal growth front (haha)--I finally read Lord of the Rings!!! I now feel justified in my English degree. And at last I know how the story ends, really. My only fear is that the last movie won't be able to pull it all off. We shall see.

Lots of stuff happening on the personal front. As the preceding (or post-ceding, as Blogger dictates) post may indicate. But at last I am at total peace with that aspect of my life. And peace is good, yes.

Everybody write Will Ledesma an email, and tell him to keep posting, cuz really, the rest of you (besides Manders, a.k.a. Mecha-Postzilla) are still slacking (says the man who hasn't posted in three weeks, but hey, i'm in the real world of joblessness).

By the way, Manders, I'm gonna rip off some list ideas, and crank out some of my own, to fill some space.

That's it for now kids. The computer's about to cut
One more thing before I go...

Dear Ophelia:

I doubt you'll see this, but if you do...thank you. With your honesty and kindness, in the end you've proven some people (including me) wrong about you. You aren't Gertrude, as some ardent would-be poet may have scribbled in his notebook these last few weeks. You are a queen if ever there were, and blessed be the man who captures your heart.

I will miss you. Thank you for giving me a final sense of peace about our story. I hope you find all the happiness and peace you search for.

I'll love you always.

Peace be with you.