Friday, January 24, 2003

"Please tell me you're just feeling tired..."

So yes. Kind of a tough week for me. For those of you who know, yes, i'm still adjusting. For those of you who don't... well, I'd rather not get into it right now. Sorry. If you really want to know, email me or something. Let's just say I've been listening to Dashboard Confessional and Counting Crows in constant rotation lately.

There was some good news: I had an interview with a computer company on Wednesday. Nothing glamorous, but if I get the position (technical writing), I'll be making more than I did at CCCS and Papa Johns. Which is good.

I finally paid off the fine folks at OBU today, and am anxiously awaiting my honest-to-goodness diploma. Maybe I'll actually feel like I've accomplished something.

To my friends who I perhaps haven't kept in close contact with, or am lax in emailing... I'm sorry. I have no excuses.

In the next day or so, I'll post more. Something exciting and entertaining. Movie/book reviews. Descriptions of my experience at the Newsboys concert. Something...upbeat.

Also when I'm in a better mindset, I'll begin something God's been prodding me to do. A bonus blog of devotional-type essays and musings on spiritual issues. Something about the blind leading the blind comes to mind right about now. I don't know why. I really don't feel like I'm in a place to tell anyone anything about Christianity, but the Lord works in mysterious ways, I guess. Hopefully, I can avoid full-blown hypocrisy. Somehow, I doubt it, though.

Have a good night, everyone.

Friday, January 17, 2003

Song of the Week

I like this one. There's a lot here.

For all the good you say it does
It feels no better when you've had your say
You may believe it's just because
The words get colder when you've gone away
I thought I understood
What I was to you

I don't want to feel this way, no
I don't want to say I'm just a friend
I don't want to wait around here
'Cos you don't want to feel no pain again
We just lie about it
As we become shadows of ourselves

Some may fear committed lives
I sure am one of them without you
Does it come to you as some surprise
I laid the ground beneath to doubt you
Was it ever girl
Something you could hold...

I don't want to feel this way, no
I don't want to say I'm just a friend
I don't want to wait around here
'Cos you don't want to feel no pain again
We just lie about it
As we become shadows of ourselves

I don't want to look away
I don't want to be the one denied
It ain't no fault of mine
Someone, somewhere told you lies
But we don't talk about it
We just become shadows of ourselves

"In the Absence of Sun" by Duncan Sheik

Wednesday, January 15, 2003

Is this our first retraction ever???

Well well. I think I'll have a soda.

Okay, this is for all the fun-filled 3CS kids. It has come to my attention, through blog-hopping last night, that I have offended some of my guest-readers with my disparaging comments about my former tenth grade students.

I have two things to say:

First, I'm sorry for not be ridiculously specific in my posting, which at the time, was never meant to be seen by students.

Second, anyone who was upset by this should take comfort in the fact that it wasn't about them.

So now the official retraction: I hereby take back any implication that the "Five-pack in the Back" were anything but perfectly behaved, every day of the fall semester 2002.

It's true actually. My frustration with the "tenth grade" was mainly with about five people from your class (you know who they are) and most of the other class. Not you guys. Outside of the senior class, and maybe a junior or two, you guys (or I should say, gals) were my faves.

Somebody make sure Emily sees this. I'd hate to think I'd offended a Grimes.

In other notes completely irrelevant to the outside world, I was impressed by the nifty little ring of blogs produced by the Uber-hipp senior class. Way to go, guys. I'll enjoy popping in and out from time to time. Please feel free to do the same.

Okay, I think that's enough blatant pandering to a select few. But come on, people, I want to get my readership up.
How many times can I apologize for not posting?

Let's try one more. Apologies.

This is the "touching base" post. The fact that it's late and I'm tapping away on a borrowed laptop necessitates a brief post.

It's been really hard for me the past month. Major life-changing events and a car-wreck have tested my faith and resolve. I'm afraid if I were put on the scales, I'd be found lacking. But life goes on.

Prayers would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

More later. I promise. The unemployed have more time for posting, I find. Now that I'm back in town, I'll be better about it.