Monday, January 05, 2004

I'm totally ripping off Manders

But her idea was wicked-cool, so I feel compelled.

Submitted, ladies and gentlemen, for your approval.

"Dave's Top 100 Songs That He Likes, As They Come to His Mind Right Now"

(I'll have to put the limit of fifteen Counting Crows songs on this list, or else they will take half of it.)

Expect there to be several revisions to this list.

Here we go.

1) "Round Here", Counting Crows
2) "Anna Begins", Counting Crows
3) "Perfect Blue Buildings", Counting Crows [duh]
4) "Beautiful Day", U2
5) "Grace", U2
6) "In God's Country", U2
7) "Barely Breathing", Duncan Sheik
8) "Good Boy", Barenaked Ladies
9) "Let the Sadness Back In", Don Chaffer
10) "At Least I Got a Car", Waterdeep
11) "Can't Stop", Red Hot Chili Peppers
12) "What You Don't Know", Don Chaffer
13) "Gravedigger", Dave Matthews
14) "Have you seen me lately?", Counting Crows
15) "Immigrant Song", Led Zepplin
16) "Like a Rolling Stone", Bob Dylan
17) "The Scientist", Coldplay
18) "A Rush of Blood to the Head", Coldplay
19) "Champagne Supernova", Oasis
20) "Don't Speak", No Doubt (if you're laughing, it's because you don't appreciate it's beauty)


21) "Foolish Games", Jewel
22) "Beautiful Disaster", 311
23) "Something More", Switchfoot
24) "Sweet River Roll", Waterdeep
25) "Blank Page Empire", Further Seems Forever
26) "Everyday I Write the Book", Elvis Costello
27) "Just like Candy", Elvis Costello
28) "She", Elvis Costello
29) "The Joker", Steve Miller Band
30) "Dreamer", Ozzy Osbourne (don't look at me like that)
31) "Comfortably Numb", Pink Floyd
32) "Holiday in Spain", Counting Crows
33) "Sad Songs and Waltzes", Cake
34) "Daria", Cake
35) "Open Book", Cake
36) "The Distance", Cake
37) "Otherside", Red Hot Chili Peppers
38) "Iron Man", Black Sabbath
39) "Walk on the Ocean", Toad the Wet Sprocket
40) "Mother, Mother", Tracy Bonham
41) "Amy Hit the Atmosphere", Counting Crows (i think that's five...I'm trying to pace myself)
42) "Hurt", Johnny Cash (right on, Manders)
43) "Man of Constant Sorrow", Ralph Stanley
44) "Hey Ya", Outkast
45) "Smells Like Teen Spirit", Nirvana
46) "Wish You Were Here", Pink Floyd
47) "Losing My Religion", R.E.M.
48) "The Way I Am", Eminem (I said, don't look at me like that)
49) "Eleanor Rigby", Beatles
50) "For No One", Beatles
51) "October", Seth Woods
52) "Boston", Seth Woods
53) "Ghost of a Man", Seth Woods
54) "Rain King", Counting Crows
55) "Humpty-Dumpty", Aimee Mann
56) "Save Me", Aimee Mann
57) "The Last Polka", Ben Folds
58) "Song for the Dumped", Ben Folds
59) "Missing the War", Ben Folds
60) "Silver Street", Ben Folds
61) "Goodnight Elizabeth", Counting Crows
62) "Miller's Angels", Counting Crows
63) "Raining in Baltimore", Counting Crows
64) "A Million Raindrops", Newsboys
65) "One Girl Army", Five Iron Frenzy
66) "Jane", Barenaked Ladies
67) "Call and Answer", Barenaked Ladies
68) "This Brilliant Dance", Dashboard Confessional
69) "Loser", Beck
70) "Crazy Times", Jars of Clay (can I just say the entire album?)
71) "Tea and Sympathy", Jars of Clay
72) "Amazing Grace", Jars of Clay... (I think that's the title; second track on the new album)
73) "Jesus Freak", DC Talk (come on, it's a classic)
74) "Alycen and the Secret Circle", Kevin Max (whole album, actually)
75) "Good Time", Counting Crows
76) "Stairway to Heaven", Led Zepplin
77) "Fever Dog", Stillwater (if you recognize this, give yourself five extra cool points.)
78) "Do You Realize?", Flaming Lips
79) that track on Flaming Lips' "The Soft Bulletin"... you know the one where... uh... i don't know, all of them
80) "Let's Get It On", as covered by Barry Jive and the Uptown Five (again, cool points at stake)
81) "Mr. Jones", Counting Crows
82) "A Long December", Couting Crows
83) "One", U2
84) if Manders can say Justin Timberlake, can I do one similar? Yes? Okay, guilty pleasure--"Crazy in Love", by Beyonce Knowles... i'm so ashamed of myself
85) "Wonderboy", Tenacious D
86) "Raised in Harlem", T-Bone on "!Hero"
87) "Little Jackie", T-Bone and Crystal Lewis
88) "This Old Man", Guardian
89) "Lead the Way", Guardian
90) "Way Home Back", Guardian
91) "Hitler's Girlfriend", Dime Store Prophets
92) "Fire and Rain", James Taylor
93) "Lonely People", James Taylor
94) "At My Most Beautiful", R.E.M.
95) "Recovering the Satellites", Counting Crows
96) "Rocking the Suburbs", Ben Folds
97) "Pinch Me", Barenaked Ladies
98) "One Down", Ben Folds
99) "Staring at the Sun", U2
100) "Another Horsedreamer's Blues", Counting Crows


Wow. That's long.

And so incomplete. Expect many revisions.

I repeat, this is a *first draft*. No angry comments. Irritated, perhaps. Angry, no.

Okay. Um, it's funny to note that around #64, I started feeling guilty about how few Christian songs were on my list, so I tried to overcompensate. Sad but true.

Oh, another thing. There's not enough Waterdeep. Or U2. I'll have to fix that.

Okay, here it is, round one.

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