Tuesday, January 13, 2004

A Word of Encouragement to some Dear Friends

I don't know if they read the site anymore. I hope so, but I don't blame them if there are more important things to do.

I was listening to Waterdeep today. It was the "Live at the New Earth" album. And as I was listening, and driving in to work, I remembered when I found out that my friend and former co-worker was a fan of Waterdeep, as was his wife. How exciting that was, because the band was something that connected to my college years and those good memories.

We talked about Waterdeep now and then. What started it all was how shocked I was, when my friend's wife came downstairs wearing a Waterdeep tee-shirt. I asked how in the world they knew about the band, and it turned out they were big fans. That was great.

He is a dear friend of mine. She and I are not as close, for obvious reasons, but I think she is awesome, just from the little I know her. Their son is adorable.

I miss them. I miss talking to them. I should have been emailing them regularly, but I have been remiss. That's true about a lot of things in my life lately. I want to change that.

They are right now living in a country that is hostile to their Faith. They are there because they know they are Called to be there. I may not ever see them again in this world, but I hope so.

I just wanted to tell the rest of you about them. I obviously can't use their names, though I have little Doubt that some of you know who I'm talking about. But I wanted to tell the rest of you about them, so that you can pray for them.

And I wanted to tell them that I love them and pray for them also. Take care of yourselves, you guys.

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