Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Baby's Got a New Dress

Despite my extreme lack of web-programming, code-y type knowledge, I did a little tinkering with the sidebar, links, whatnot. I like it. For now.

Hello all. Today is January 14th. A good day. In honor of this good day, I'm going somewhere for dinner. Yes indeed. Don't know where.

My resolve to spend less money in the new year collapsed last night, and I procured the two-disc edition of Moulin Rouge. I'm such a wimp. I also got the revised and expanded edition of "The Gunslinger" by The King. I'm a Target whore.

CD Recommendation of the Week: "Professional Rapper" by John Reuben. You *need* to listen to this album. Even if you don't like rap at all, you need to at least read the lyrics of this album. Probably one of the most honest and incisive Christian albums to come out in the past few years. He plainly deals with his personal crises of faith, he slams the protest-happy Christian ghetto, he lifts the curtain on how the Christian music industry has lost its honesty and wants to whitewash their own music. And Reuben's sampling and mixes are fantastic. I'm only a marginal fan of the Christian rap, and I love this album. Supa-dupa-fly.

What? I've got to work now? Geez.


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