Tuesday, January 20, 2004

I'm trying desparately to find something interesting/ironic/comedic/intriguing for the title of this post, but so far have come up with a couple of non-descriptive song titles and a few overly-obscure movie quotes that sound unusual/inappropriate when taken out of their original context, so I think I'll just start typing now.

It's Tuesday afternoon, and I'm near-comatose. Not the faintest idea why.

I actually watched Empire Records again over the three-day-weekend, for the sixtieth time or so. Oddly, another blogsmith mentioned the illustrious "Lucas" from said film in a recent post. I thought that was keen. Cheers to her.

(Additional "Empire" trivia: Kimo Wills, who plays "Eddie", is from right here in Houston, Texas. How rad is that. Okay, not *really* rad, but it amuses me... Renee Zellweger, "Gina", was born here too, for that matter. Okay, born in Katy, but that's close enough. A suburb, almost.)

Let's see. Does anyone else think that Howard Dean is kind of a whack-job? Cuz I do. He is passionate, I'll give him that. But I'd be kinda freaked out if he became president. I can just imagine him at a nuclear disarmament conference with North Korea, and Kim Jong Il (Korea's...er, leader... *cough*--dictator--*cough*) interrupts then-president Dean during a discussion. Dean jumps up, eyes and forehead-veins bulging, and screams, "You sit down! You've had your say, let me have mine!!!" It'd be all over right then. Brace for impact. People think Bush is a cowboy? Dean would be Yosemite Sam, guns blazing. Hair-trigger temper, that one has.


You know what's fun? Your parent's saying that your first post-graduation profession wasn't a *real* job anyway. Yeah. Neat how that works. Makes me feel good. This comes after an argument in which the other parent said my current career is a "circus" job, implying that it wasn't like *real* work. Later, this statement was retracted. But you can't argue that it wasn't meant. If it wasn't in the mind in the first place, it wouldn't have been said.

So yes, the fruitless pursuit of parental validation continues.

Thanks to influence of the illustrious Mike Norris, I have a new curiosity to explore: Cowboy Bebop. Just when I had given up cable TV too. Well, it's too late now, I already mailed the box and remote back to DirecTV.

Hmm... What else is going on... Finished "From A Buick 8." Started "McSweeney's Mammoth Treasury of Thrilling Tales." Woo woo.

Hasn't this just been a link-fest. Fun times for all, I'm sure.

Although I'm tired, and hungry (my foray into non-premixed stir fry not ending as well as I had hoped, and the bringing of leftover stirfry for lunch being a mistake, resulting in my picking at the few pieces of meat and throwing the rest away, leaving me unfulfilled), I will crank out one last post before going home.

This is how much I like you. I hope you feel guilty.

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