Monday, February 02, 2004

"In my mind, I was going for Carolina..."

What a game. Whew. The best Super Bowl match-up I've ever seen. That was awesome. Even if my team lost.

I say "my team" like I was a fan since pre-season. As you all may know, that's not true. But when given a choice between the bruiser favorite and the young underdog, I pick the underdog, no matter how many times I'm wrong. Force of habit. I'm a Cubs fan.

I watched the game at my church, where it was projected onto the three seven-foot screens in the secondary worship center, where the youth group usually has their Sunday morning services. It was hosted by the Singles department, or so I thought, but included families, small children. No one from my class. Except the married couple who took over teaching it last month. So that'

But yes. Great game. Supa dupa game. Well done Houston.

Now, onto the less impressive parts of the evening...

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