Wednesday, February 18, 2004

You're just gonna have to make do

I had a couple of posts planned--topics that have come up in reading or discussion or simple curiosity and contemplation (read: boredom). But it's ten minutes to six. My meetings today ran about an hour and a half longer than normal. I'm sleepy and starving, and really friends, I don't want to stay here much longer.

So a few comments covering general interest topics will have to suffice.

--Again, many thanks to my dear friend Manders for her support and name-droppage. Although, this blog being given the distinction of "bomb diggity" does raise the expectation levels of the reading public. I will do my best to meet the challenge with bravado and panache (which i think is French for "cake", in which case, "Mucho panache").

--I would like to state for the record my disappointment at the hiatus of a certain weblog personality. You will be missed. Thanks for your email, by the way. Don't worry--even though you began it with "dearest Dave", I won't read anything into that. My darling.

--I'm just kidding, Sarah.


--Elsewhere in world news: I understand that I have been lax in posting movie reviews as of late, and will try my very very best to catch up with the two movies I've seen in the interim.

--No more Howard Dean to kick around, huh? Well, we all knew it would end sometime. This does mean that all those references I was planning to make to the now-infamous "I have a scream" speech will be decidedly less funny and topical. Thus ends my brilliant career as a political satirist.

--In case you weren't aware, I had a brilliant career as a political satirist. It ended abruptly. Just as it began.

--The Muppets were bought by the (Disney Inc.) Dark Side (a.k.a. "the really REAL evil empire") this week. While this means that we may see more Muppets specials and possibly another movie, they will probably be on par with the Muppets' recent Pizza Hut commercial. Or Atlantis. Don't make me choose which one was worse.

Is it time to go? Yes. Yes it is.

"Say goodnight, Gracie."

"Goodnight, Gracie."

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