Monday, February 02, 2004

Redefining "celebrity exposure"

And I can't go without posting about the evening's other momentary nudity. You've no doubt heard about the bra-dropping--I mean, jaw-dropping--finale to the halftime show, featuring Justin "I'm a Dirty Skank-boy" Timberlake and the incredibly odd Janet Jackson. As I said, I was watching it at church. With families. Who had children. It's funny in retrospect, because it reminded me a bit of the "film editing" scene from Fight Club.

Everybody is denying that it was intentional and rehearsed. Janet won't comment, and Justin says it was a "wardrobe malfunction". Malfunction? What are you, Hal 3000? The thing had snaps, skank-boy. Looks like it "functioned" as it was supposed to.

And as for Janet. I'm sorry, Ms. Jackson, let's be for real: you were wearing a pasty. In the split-second glimpse I got, it looked like it sparkled. You were wearing a sparkly pasty. Now, you may wear it everyday under your clothes, for all I know. And if that's the case, I'm not that surprised--you are Michael's sister, so there's no ceiling to the amount of weirdness you can generate. But don't pull this dog and pony "oops what happened" show. Come on.

Side note: Isn't it interesting how everyone is up in arms over the Jackson incident, while no one is talking about Nelly's "Hot in Herrrre" performance that included a cheerleader striptease of sorts. No one seemed to mind. When Britney Spears did as much three years ago (will *somebody* get that girl some 'satisfaction'???), everyone flipped. Now, it's no big deal. That, my friends, is the REAL disappointment. In five years, nudity on stage during awards shows and ball games will be almost boring. What's next after that? Think we won't get there? Think again.

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