Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Brief Interviews with Procrastinating Men

A few quick hits, mid-shift.

First, ignore yesterday's comments about major changes to the tone of this blog. I've thought about that a bit, and have come to the conclusion that any altering of my "voice" to sound more academic or "mature" would be, in reality, a falsehood. I read blogs like Sarah Hatter's that are topical and finely crafted, without words like "hiya", and I think, "gee, maybe I need to sound more like a writer and less like a..." I don't know, child, maybe.

But I can't be Sarah (clearly), and it would be a hypocrisy to pretend to. She's got her own voice (and she's really quite talented, from all that I've read), and I've got mine. And mine is naturally conversational. Because I don't blog to write essays, I blog to chat with all of you lovely little lunatics.

So, never fear, Will, all is well in the wide wide world of PBB. Although I am serious about toning down the "ums" and "so yeah's". For real.

Number Deux: I would like to take a moment to give a warm hello to one of the less-vocal members of the PBB/ATDTT family. I saw Lindsay E. at church this Sunday, and said a brief hello in passing, but failed to mention this during yesterday's post. This is a grievous error and will never EVER happen again. Everybody say hi to Lindsay. *Hi Lindsay.*

Numero Tres: Once again, the fantabulous Mr. Seth Woods will be appearing in concert at the Taft St. Coffeehouse on Friday night (possibly even with the Sad Accordians and/or Robbie Seay. If any of you in town don't have plans, I highly highly highly suggest attending. He is always entertaining, and the event will make for a great evening. The cost is free, though I suggest bringing some cash for coffee or something. They sell IBC root beer in the hip glass bottles. I like that. Buck and a quarter. And get there at a decent time so that you will park in a legal spot and won't get towed. See his page for details.

In closing: It's 10:08 a.m., rainy, getting colder. I have to work now. Good day.

"You there--cue the music!"

*brass band fanfare of the "Flying Circus" theme*

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