Monday, April 18, 2005

Running to stand still...

(General greeting and commentary.)


Day 7 of the Plague: Lingering chest-tightness and non-runny sinus congestion.

Things are going well. Had a good weekend, spent with family and friends.

Confession: A female friend from church whom I've commented upon before--the one who has a really good heart, but who I haven't been otherwise attracted to at all--was at a group event on Saturday. And I was caught off-guard by a certain degree of, well, hotness on this girl's part. The first time I've noticed it. Oddly, I found that to be rather disconcerting, since I'm still not interested in her for anything beyond friendship. I don't know why I was so bothered by this. I guess it's easier to see someone of the opposite gender as "just a friend" when you're not physically attracted to them.

Unusual and awkward news of the weekend: The Italian's November wedding to Miss A is being moved up to mid-June. I am doing my absolute best NOT TO ASSUME THE REASON. Or, at least, to force myself to believe that it MUST BE BECAUSE THEY ARE AFRAID OF GIVING IN TO TEMPTATION and want to hasten the next phase of their relationship. I'm REALLY REALLY hoping that's the ONLY reason for the five-month jump in the wedding plans.

Of course, this will make the U2 concert situation in October even more unusual: I won't be escorting an engaged woman; I'll be accompanying a married, possibly pregnant woman (you know, from the honeymoon in June...yeah).

Coming Up: Another post or two today. And yes, I know that six of you are still waiting on emails. I'm getting to it.

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