Monday, April 11, 2005

Harry Potter Preview Photos with Snarky Commentary

(Hat-tip due to MSN. Please don't sue.)

Photo #1:
The young stars get a look at exactly how long the script is.

Photo #2:
"Ron, seriously--the 'rock-star' hair thing is getting out of hand."
(Alternate: That's right, the Weasleys are so poor that Ron's growing out his hair to sell for extra cash.)

Photo #3:
Harry springs into action as Snape changes into an Agent.
(Alternate: Harry Power Ranger.)

Photo #4:
Would you believe that costume was one of her demands during contract negotiations?

Photo #5:
Ron is told that he must wear his da's old tux to Hogwart's Prom.
(this may in fact be what's actually going on).

Photo #6:
"Look, Malfoy, call me Gandalf one more time and I'm gonna kick your pale little arse."

Photo #7:
Cast of Harry Potter? Or cover photo for the latest popular emo band?
You decide.

Photo #8:
"Pardon me, but I'm looking for the 'O.C.' auditions?"

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