Wednesday, April 06, 2005

"My Beat is Correct..."

Happy Wednesday, friends and lovers. A few general updates.

I was weak, and bought the new Beck album. You betcha. I love Beck.

Yesterday was my parent's 25th anniversary. We had a nice family gathering.

Unbeknownst to me, my parents were married on the very day that the band REM was formed. I find that odd. Humorous, even. I doubt my parents would enjoy the info as much as I do. (Hat tip to Michele for indirectly bringing this to my attention.)

I saw Spanglish last night. Interesting. Different than I expected. Not a total winner, but winner enough to recommend. Check it out. If for nothing else than Tea Leoni going all "Meg Ryan." Just kidding.

I got my evaluation at work today. I passed. "Yeeeeeeah, boyeeeeee.!" *said Beastie-Boy-style*

Guess that's it. Cubs are 1-1. Ugh. Hate losing the one-run games.

Work to be done. Be good, kiddies.

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