Thursday, April 14, 2005

"Oooh, AH-AH-AH-AH!!!"

"Come on, get down with the sickness."

(You knew it was coming.)

Day 3 of the Plague:

The word of the day is "*cough* *hack* *gasp* *hack* *spit* Oww..."

Of course I'm at work. Because being TeacherDave sucks ass these days.

A few quick notes, before I have to get back to bweezness:

--I watched Hotel Rwanda last night. Wow. Of course, highly recommended. Expect a full review at Better Than Critics in the next week.

--For all you Napoleon Dynamite fans out there, I present what may be the greatest piece of Idaho state legislation ever written. (Via Say Anything, one of my daily reads.)

--If you haven't been reading Lehman, you should. He's becoming one of my favorite poets.

--Expect a post about this in the near future.

--Expect Brown-bag Poetry this afternoon, if I'm still here at work (up in the air, that).

--Also, you'll get your Friday Fiction a day early, since I'm gone tomorrow. So expect that in the afternoon. I've decided to keep Chapter 6 for now, though it will be seriously revised and possibly still taken out after the first draft of the book's done. But I felt good about keeping it, after reading it again on my own, so I made some chronology changes (the events take place on a Saturday, for example) and then began the next chapter. Louis meets two interesting people in this chapter. Hope you like it.

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