Tuesday, April 12, 2005

I'm pretty sure viruses can't travel through blogs...

I've been afflicted, stricken, with some kinda nasty bug. When I woke up, my throat felt like I had tried to swallow a cheese-grater, and it had gotten stuck halfway, so I had to yank it out and try again. Yeah. That bad. I so wanted to stay home.

Yet my workload is like a stack of oddly-shaped books reaching high into the sky, and starting to sway. So, to avoid the topple, I'm here, sniffles and all.

This means no bloggy today. If I have to be here, it will be to get something useful done. Blogging, while enjoyable, is rarely useful. And I've yet to receive a paycheck for it.

Later on, I'll do my best to return the multitude of emails owed, though. No guarantees. But I'll try, at least.

Thanks for your patience, and your prayers.

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