Thursday, April 28, 2005

National Embrace the Lame Day!!! (UPDATED)

Happy ETL Day, friends. I'm very excited to see so many people participating. It's cool that something I came up with a few days ago is already spreading to people I've never had contact with. That's why I love the Internet.

For the uninitiated, the following:

What are you talking about?
If you don't know what i'm talking about, my original post (with my first fifteen ETL entries) is here. Yesterday I added ten more items to the list. I'm sure I'll whip up a few more today.

Why Embrace the Lame?
It started out because I caught myself posturing a bit on Sheila's website. Trying to be "cool" by distancing myself from a movie I actually enjoyed because it may be perceived as lame. As soon as I did it, I felt stupid. So I decided to do the opposite; to step out and say, this is what I like. This is what I'm into. Cool or not. Hip or not. Here you go.

So that's how it began. I didn't expect many people to pay attention, but I wanted to do it. I haven't done it before, not to the extent I was attempting. So on Tuesday, I declared that today, Thursday the 28th, would be "National" Embrace the Lame Day. Then a few others picked it up, and a few more after that.

But what I've discovered is that, as people start making these lists, others keep popping up and commenting, "Yeah, I like that too!" or "That's not lame at all." It seems that most of the time, what we're afraid others think is lame, they're just as into. Or they like something geekier. It reaffirms the idea from The Breakfast Club: we're all "the geek" sometimes. And that's cool, too.

So there you go. For today, let your inner geek breathe. Or even your outer geek. Just accept that you are not as "indie" as you want people to believe, and that's okay, because neither are they. I'd be willing to bet that the hippest among us, the indie icons of pop culture, still watch silly cartoons or quote the Simpsons or like uncool music.

Who's in on it?
Who's participating so far in the first-ever celebration of admitted geekiness? Let's take a look:

Trav (v. 2.0)
Jane (who's been doing this for a while, actually)

If you have a list up, leave a link in the comment box below.

More ETL listings!

26. I have three Smallville fansites bookmarked, and I check them regularly.

27. My musical fantasy involves being the lead singer in a kickass cover band. Some people want to sing their own music; I want to sing other peoples' music. Needless to say, I'm a lot of fun on Karaoke Night.

28. I became absolutely giddy when other people started participating in this thing.

29. Cowboy Bebop (the series and the movie). Admit it, you like it too.

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