Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Embrace the Lame! (UPDATED)

Remember, kiddies, tomorrow is the first ever National "Embrace the Lame" Day!!!!

This isn't just for me to make my list and you to comment. I want each of you to make your own lists. Post them on your blogs. Email them to me. Share them with your co-workers.

So start compiling these lists. Leave a comment below if you've posted yours.

Let's do this. It'll be fun, I promise.

Addendum's to Dave's ETL List:

16. I compulsively stamp my hand with any rubber stamp I find. Even if it's from somebody's desk at work. And I have a meeting in an hour.
17. The "Hank the Cowdog" series is a work of genius.
18. I think sometimes that I jinx my favorite sports teams. They seem to win when I'm not watching, but whenever I switch over to watch them, they start losing again. When that happens, I hurriedly change the channel and hope WHOMEVER didn't notice, so the team could start winning again. I have killed three no-hitters and two leads of two touchdowns or more.
19. I have an inexplicable love for the music of Huey Lewis and the News. Especially the song "If This is It."
20. I cannot--CANNOT--talk to attractive women I don't know. I could be 18 inches away from them, on the train, we could even make eye contact, and I am completely unable to say a word. That, my friends, is lame.

More to come--start writing yours!


Sheila's embracing the lame! Woohoo! She's got almost sixty comments. I've got...four, over two posts. Must be nice having readers who participate (HINT, HINT, EVIL GLARE).

Come on, folks. Get with the program!

Musical ETL items.

21. Whenever I think of the phrase "Embrace the Lame," I start singing it to the tune of the Bob Seger song "Against the Wind."
22. I have owned at least six Weird Al Yankovic cds/videos/DVDs in my lifetime. I currently own one of each.
23. I want to own a copy of the song "Particle Man" by They Might Be Giants.
24. One of the albums I listen to most regularly is my Barenaked Ladies "best-of."
25. I know the lyrics to more Eminem songs than I'd like to admit.

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