Tuesday, April 26, 2005

"Embrace the Lame"

I find myself cautiously posturing while commenting on other people's websites. Keeping up that front of cool detachment. Describing things as "quaint", "predictable", and "trite." I mentioned a movie I really enjoyed in the comments of another blogger's post, and described it as "fluffy" and "somewhat enjoyable (albeit predictable)."

Why do we do this? Are we so afraid of what some blogger who we think is "cool" will think of us, even though we couldn't pick each other out of a line-up?

That's why I'm declaring Thursday, April 28, to be "Embrace the Lame" Day! That's where you confess, either here or on your own, things that you enjoy but that others may consider "lame." I don't care what it is: certain activities, entertainments, pieces of clothing, whatever.

Stand up tall, stand up proud, swallow your self-consciousness, and embrace it.

Because odds are, what you think is lame, others will likely see as wicked rad.

Here's the beginning of my "Embrace the Lame" list:

1) Romantic comedies like "Alex and Emma", "Kate and Leopold", "Blast from the Past", and "Return to Me"
2) Certain "teen comedies": "10 Things I Hate About You", "Can't Hardly Wait", and "Empire Records" especially
3) the cartoon "Animaniacs"
4) eating meals with family
5) funny hats
6) the best sitcom ever, "Boy Meets World"
7) old-school Blues Clues (with Steve, instead of that poser Joe)
8) singing along to the car radio. loudly.
9) "roots" music
10) "The Muppet Show"
11) walking around in sandals, even in the winter
12) wearing sweaters with denim shorts; maybe a fashion faux pas, but sometimes my legs aren't cold, okay?
13) "The Monkees" (both on TV and the radio)
14) the earnestness of DC Talk's first two albums
15) crying during EVERY SINGLE episode of "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition"

more to follow...

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