Friday, April 01, 2005

No foolin'

I hate today. I really really hate today.

Yes, it's April 1. Fool's Day.

I was thinking about doing some sort of April Fool's thing here on PBB. Posting something really emotional and angry. Something like "no one comments anymore" and "it's not worth it if hardly anyone cares." Finish up with a "that's it, I'm done--go find your entertainment elsewhere." And then going for a while without posting.

But I'm not going to do that, because I believe in practical joke karma. And nothing terrifies me more than being made to look a fool.

Yes, I'm uptight. I know.

I'm just trying to survive the day.


Sorry to announce, there will be no Friday Fiction today. Hopefully, I'll make it up to you on Monday. If you must read something, may I recommend the latest Bible story redux, or some poetry. You know, if you're absolutely desperate.

I was having trouble with what to do about "Taylor House." It's clear that the last chapter was pretty much crap; I knew that pretty much as soon as I posted it. But I couldn't figure out why, for a while. Finally, the other day I realized that I was forcing it to go in a direction it didn't want to go naturally. SO... the new version of Chapter 6 is upcoming. I'm deleting the old version when I post the new one, so if you really wanna see the barely mediocre original chapter, be my guest, because by early next week, it will be no more.

Have a good weekend.

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