Monday, April 04, 2005

PBB Cool Ten (4/3-4/9)

10. I actually had Illinois and UNC in the championship game on my bracket. (My call? Illini by six.)
9. Fever Pitch comes out next week. My folks saw the preview this weekend, and said it wasn't bad.
8. My new read. Interesting so far.
7. Introducing a co-worker to a great movie of the 90's.
6. Frostie Root Beer. Tasty.
5. TobyMac "Momentum" + Audio A "Zombie + Pete Stewart = Fun Monday Music.
4. A new idea for some Fri-Fict. I'll keep you posted.
3. Taking tomorrow off. Good times. (I mean, it's for a doctor's visit and some errands. But still.)
2. Two words--Opening. Friggin. Day.
1. My parents are celebrating their 25th anniversary tomorrow. This is an incredible blessing to me. The thing I'm most thankful for in my childhood was that I was always certain Mom and Dad would be there.

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