Monday, April 11, 2005

PBB Cool Ten (4/10-4/16)

10. "I wanna fly to the moon and drive a racecar..."
9. Cubbies are 3-3. We should be doing better, but hey, it's the Cubs.
8. Hanging out with SunSco friends on Saturday night.
7. Surviving the ridiculous flat-tire ordeal relatively unscathed. (Physically, anyway; it's gonna cost me, replacing the tire and the paneling in the tire-well that got ripped out by the burning steel-belted radial angel of death that used to be my front-driver-side tire.)
6. Frank Peretti's returning to monster stories. Good thing. "The Oath" was most righteous. As much as I rag on "religious fiction," Peretti's one I keep coming back to. Good stuff, generally.
5. I'm teaching SunSco in a few weeks. Sadly, this means rescheduling my upcoming northward trek. I'm still coming up, Willam, no worries. We'll work it out.
4. "God" quoted and expounded upon the first two lines of "The Wasteland" on this week's episode of Joan. It's a good show.
3. If you want a mini-teaser for the upcoming geekfest that is SWe.3, check out Trev's blog; he just finished reading the novelization.
2. Speaking of finishing things, I just finished the book of Joshua. Good times. Bring on the Judges.
1. Forgive my unabashed glee: NEW SMALLVILLE EPS START THIS WEEK!!!!!!!

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