Tuesday, January 18, 2005

PBB Cool Ten List for 1/16-1-22

10. Getting MLK day off (even if I am just a silly, selfish white guy)
9. Jack Bauer is going into the terrorist compound by himself, despite the imminent missile strike... have I mentioned how hooked I am on this show yet?
8. Getting in touch with Jerry Joule last week. Righteous.
7. Watching "In Good Company" yesterday. (Review forthcoming.)
6. Going to the movie with four girls.
5. On Sunday, one of the girls came over and sat with me during the worship service. happy dave.
4. Parents who buy their children 'maintenance groceries' to get them through to payday.
3. The expression on your boss's face when he realizes you got to work before him...for once.
2. Inspiration that comes from unexpected sources. (next post)
1. The name of God--YHWH--that He gave Himself. The name that is to remind us of His protection and care for His people. Every time we see it in Scripture ("LORD" in all caps), it's not indicating some far off deity, but a very personal, very present God with a proven track record of faithfulness and provision. When you understand the magnitude and history of the name "Yahweh", you can't read passages like this the same way.

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