Monday, January 10, 2005

It Could Have Been a Brilliant Post Title

Weekend round-up and other things.

1) I've had an epiphany: At the risk of losing a large chunk of my indie cred, I have come to the decision today that I just don't like Belle and Sebastian. I was listening to 'the album with the obscurely perverse title' for the fifteenth time or so, and I got about halfway through it before I just turned it off. I was bored to tears. Why did I ever get this album? Oh. Right.

But yeah, it was like holding a bite of rice in your mouth and chewing for about two hours without swallowing, until it's so mushy that it's all but a paste, and then chewing on it some more. Ugh. No thanks. Put that little indie gem on the "to be sold to CDW" pile. The only song I like on it is the first one. I can rip that one before I drop the album.

2) Reasons to not let your goof-off friends pick the movie: At the video store with B and M, my friends from high school, who are both home on break from Year 7 of the college experience. I almost picked Darko, because neither of them had seen it, but instead insisted on Shaun, since it was a genius movie. (If you haven't seen it, you must, because it's freakin hilarious.) M pulls out his choice and hands it to me grinning. The best of Triumph, the Insult Comic Dog. Are you kidding me, dude? Apparently not. Well, for those familiar with the rental establishment, they have the empty case with the original cover of the movie, then behind it, a stack of movie cases with their corporate logo. So I agreed to the movie, and M grabbed the case.

We tromped up to the counter, where I laid down my choice, and M laid down his. I looked at the typed title on the front cover. "Triumph of Love?" I asked. "You sure this isn't one of those cheesy 80's movies?" M laughed. "Nope. It's the right one." I shrugged. The title must be meant to be ironic.

We get back to my flat (aren't I continental) and M says, "Let's watch Triumph first." Fine by me. He puts it in.

Were we greeted with the obscene dog puppet's antics? No.

We were greeted by Mira Sorvino in a 18th century wig. Apparently, "Triumph of Love" is a mediocre-looking period piece. Thanks, M. Your rights to handle any rental transactions are hereby revoked.

I should have known. Last time we went to the movies and I let him choose, we ended up going to see "Bad Company."

3) S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y Night!: Watched football with K from SunSco. Good times (for the Jets, anyway--jerks). K's an all right guy. Definitely the stereotypical guy. All sports and war movies, all the time. (Not that there's anything wrong with that.) Oh, and computer games. He showed me Half-life 2, and I turned positively emerald.

4) Lunchbox warning: Word to the wise: Don't ever order the "Chicken Parmesan" from Fazoli's. Apparently, they make it about four years earlier and keep it under a heat lamp in the interim. Of course, I was with a group from SunSco, including the two visitors, so instead of taking it back, I tried to play cool. Stupid. There's nothing cool about being hungry.

5) My primary directive: I tried so hard to cut out my TV addictions, but they pulled me back in. Damn you, Jack Bauer, and your heroics in fighting terrorist cells! Why do you entice me so?

That's what I go so far. Later.

(Personal Note: "Katie-80, thanks for bringing back my pocketwatch. Tell the other Katies that I will see them later. Signed, Chester Elegante.")

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