Friday, January 14, 2005

Dedication: To the Third Roomie

Here's a little musical tribute to a good friend of mine.


if it's all true
the only time you fail
is the last time you try
if I concede defeat
will i be complete
in my failure
am i incomplete
and a complete failure
disconcerted after the
last of the great you and i disasters
i'm spent
i'm done being broken
tossing in the towel

washed my hands and cut my teeth
penned an ode to my belle dame sans merci
and i'm so scarred

and it's all true
the flesh was weak and the spirit was too
you should know
the wool you pulled down on your faithful martyr
was blazoned "scarred but smarter"
the oft-fooled prince is losing sleep

at the thought of being the jester
for the court of the queen of double-speak
eight years is a long, long time to seek

and never find what you want
you don't know and you don't want me
and i'm so scarred

count your losses
and cast off your ashes and sackcloth
resigned to be idle for a while
me and sherine bridges the gap

between the one you think you can live with
and the one you know you can't live without
it's not that i feel good

it's that i still can feel that's good
and that's all that's good for now
i'm too scarred
i'm too scarred
i'm too scarred

("Scarred but Smarter" by Model Engine)

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