Friday, January 07, 2005

Of course

remember when
we were friends
and we used to spend hours
talking to each other
almost every day
when we were close

of course
that was before she
and before he
and before we
got caught up in
living our
separate lives.
of course, these things happen

but i miss your voice
and your joyful laugh
and while i know
you're happier now
of course
i wish i could somehow
share a part of
your life again
even on the fringes
instead of being
just another face
in the crowd waving
as your train pulls away
(smoke and steam and fog)

your letters stopped coming
it was expected
of course
these things happen
it's only natural
but i miss you.

every thought i have
of you is buried deep
in memory
of course
and all the hours shared
over coffee are
long gone
of course
and i know
i know
it's only natural
that once you've found
your white knight
you have no need for
your quixote, for just
another silly old bear,
of course
it is as it must be

but it's only natural that
i still feel sad
to lose so dear a friend,
a love i almost loved,
to the tyranny of
calendars and distance

i have to tell myself
'of course
it is as it must be'
and you are gone for good
for best
for happy ever after's sake,
but i don't want to believe.

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