Monday, January 31, 2005

PBB Cool Ten for 1/30-2/5

10. Holy crap, it's almost February!
9. I finally saw another of the Best Picture nominees. Good times.
8. Next weekend is the Super Bowl.
7. Dylan Thomas.
6. Being able to talk respectfully with friends about politics.
5. Having four different emails to respond to, in my inbox.
4. Being alive and in relatively good health.

(at this point, I was struggling to find anything else cool, so i stopped for a while. Having come back to it now, I think I can finish.)

3. Kelly Couri. The man deserves a name-drop.
2. No matter what happens, I know my God has a plan for me.
1. Let's face it, there's nothing on earth better than red beans and rice with beef sausage. And that's just what I'm cooking up tonight, before curling up with a good book and then watching me some "24".

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