Monday, January 24, 2005

PBB Cool Ten 1/23-1/29

10. Finally jumping on the bandwagon.
9. A great "new" TV series to watch. Fortunately it's only on DVD.
8. U2 finally announced the first leg of the concert tour.
7. The Phantom of the Opera. Good production overall.
6. My family is cool. I like them.
5. New Smallville this week! (Shut up.)
4. Getting my copy of Gospel* in the mail. Awesome, Jeremy.
3. Getting a raise last week. A good raise.
2. Good friends.
1. Going against your impulses, and not making a fool of yourself.

BONUS--UNcool Three:
--Because of the tour delay, the first leg of the U2 tour is nothing like the rumored schedule (and there's no Houston date). This means that I have NO IDEA when they're coming to Houston, and there's again the chance they may play Toyota Center while I'm in Pittsburgh on business. Definitely UNCOOL.
--We're hella busy at work. Ratchets the stress up. And since getting the raise, I've been working doubly hard to justify that I deserved it, but I'm still barely keeping up with the workload. Very UNCOOL.
--Despite the recent announcement that I'm, you know, 'money,' I decided to forego the romantic pursuit of a lovely new friend, at least at the moment. I don't know why, but as I considered and prayed, I decided it didn't feel right. I'm probably guilty of overthinking things again. You could chalk this one up to Dave's usual fallback of "calculated risk." But as the afternoon progressed, it just didn't feel like this was the right time to bring the issue up. Still doesn't. I'm seriously crushing on the girl. But something's holding me back. And I don't understand it. Decidedly UNCOOL.

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