Thursday, August 31, 2006

Thursday Linky-Love

Because you kids, you must be entertained. Lucky for you, I'm up to the task.
  • For you comics lovers, DC's "Vertigo" imprint has made the first issues of several notable series (including Preacher, Sandman, and Fables) available for viewing as PDF files. [h-t: PC] Content Note: These can be a bit more "adult" than your Superman or Spiderman. So be forewarned. I'm not endorsing--just informing.
  • Here's a fun article about the Christian tchotchke--I'm sorry, merchandising industry. [h-t: Evangelical Outpost]
  • In case you missed the reference in the above story: Yes, Virginia, there's a Left Behind action/RPG video game in the works. And it may be just as bad as you were fearing. [h-t: WorldMagBlog] (A thought maybe for another post: I'm a bit bothered by the idea that, in the game, you're 'fighting' against the evil empire's forces. I haven't read enough of the books to know, but do they do that? Do the Christians actually do physical battle with their enemies? Because I have a BIG problem with that.)
  • This book sounds neat.
  • This is genius. The convergence of multiple points of internet geekiness. Warning: Sam-Jackson-type language. Yeah, you know what I mean.
  • I dare you to not say "aww" when you look at the picture.
  • If you love movie posters, you MUST check this phenomenal deal out before it's too late. If I had the room, I'd buy about six.
  • This is mainly for Kelly, but anyway: If you're a superhero, it would probably do you good to register with the government. You know, for taxes and stuff, i think. [h-t: Rick]
  • I dig Christian rock radio. Thanks to the internets, you can too.
  • Totally not fair--Iowa gets pirates running for public office. All we get in Texas is Kinky Friedman. I'd totally vote for a pirate instead.
  • In case you need something to read, here's a literature map. [h-t: Barbara]
  • And this is absolutely beautiful. Bob Dylan's new video for "When the Deal Goes Down" is shot as 8mm vacation videos from the 50's, and stars the breathtaking Scarlett Jo. *sigh* [h-t: PC]

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