Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Brief Rockstar Observation (UPDATED WITH PREDICTIONS)

Something's bugged me about this season. Like something's been missing, or something doesn't quite fit. Well, I realized what it was when Toby brought out the megaphone.

These contestants can't get out from under the shadows of J.D. Fortune and Marty Casey.

Those two were so incredibly good last year that any comparison this year leaves the newbies looking weak. This is especially true when they are given songs to perform that J. D. and Marty performed before ("Paint It Black," "Take Me Out").

Anyway. I'll add more commentary later, including my picks for encore and bottom-three, but I've got too much to do right now.

UPDATE: Gotta do this quickly, cuz Blogger is being all screwy.

Best performance of last night? Gosh. There were actually several. Everyone is finally stepping up their game.

Well, *almost* everyone.

Encore: As much as I dearly love my Storm, and I also really want to give Lukas some credit for actually following Jason's advice, the best performance came from...Toby. Yes, even with the megaphone. Toby brought it, and it was FUN. And I could tell that HE had fun. I hope he gets some love and the coveted "encore." However, my gut tells me that the Dilana-lovefest will continue, and she'll get pulled up again. Bogus. She's a crappy songwriter, too.

My Bottom Three: Surprisingly easy.

Zayra: You deserve to leave. Yeah, I dig what you do, in some strange way. And even though I can't understand a dadgum word you say most of the time, I like that you're blazing your own trail. But that trail does NOT head in Supernova's direction. Take Dave Navarro's advice, and go solo. Starting TOMORROW. I promise, you can wear all the nutty outfits you want.

Jill: You are just lost as a goose, darlin. You don't know which way is up, and all of your musical choices are bad. Singing when you should be screaming, screaming when you should be singing. Telling Gilby he isn't used to playing with women, and then the next night claiming that one of his first bands was your "favorite." You're a poser, hun. Buh-bye.

Josh: Dude, you're a sweet kid with a great voice. You have a really solid future in the Gavin-Degraw/Jason-Mraz/Maroon-5 genre. But soul or no soul, you have to rock at least SOMEWHAT to keep up with Supernova. And you just don't, bruddah. Much love and respect, though, because I dig your sound very much. Just, with some tinkly piano--not Jason Newsted's "crushing" bass.

Who Will Get a Pass: Patrice will slide by without landing in the bottom three. She wasted an opportunity to rock with the Lennon song, though. I still have to give her HUGE credit for pulling out Jeff Buckley last Wednesday, though. Totally respect that.

And in the bottom three, there is a *slight* chance that Josh may live to croon another day.

Who Will Get the Axe: It's about time that they break out the double-elimination. It's well on toward time for it. And Jill and Zayra need to both leave. There is no possible way that Supernova can look themselves in the mirror and say, "There is a chance that Zayra or Jill are right for our band." If they can, if they feel that way, then they're lying to themselves.

If only one goes, I hope (and it should be) Jill. No, really. At least Zayra somewhat amuses me. Jill bores me.

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