Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Guess I Should Have Mentioned There Was a Door Prize.

If any of you out there are hyper-observant, you would see that we've reached a milestone here at PBB. That's right, our 50,000th visitor has crossed the threshold and stamped his feet off on the mat.

I decided a few days ago that I would do something special for that lucky visitor (or that visitor's host), but I wouldn't announce it, to keep it a surprise.

So the 50,000th visitor is... from the page of the venerable Mr. Huggins. Whether the visitor is the inestimable Mr. Huggins himself or one of his many admiring readers, I cannot tell. So to him goes the victory.

And what is the door prize that Mr. Huggins has been awarded? A blog post on his superhero "origins" story, on Friday.

Now, Mr. Huggins has a choice: he can keep the prize for himself, or pass it on to someone else (hopefully someone I know or can look up). If I do not hear from him between now and Friday morning, I will proceed to retell the backstory of this elusive figure. So stay tuned.


Okay, as I understand it, the venerable Mr. H is by this time the married Mr. H. So if he is unable to respond in time, I can understand that. Thus, the post commences. How the mysterious crimefighter became a hero for the literate masses. Friday. Be there.


As for the landmark, I think that's keen. To be fair, it's only 50,000 in the past 26 and a half months. I didn't start actually counting visitors until almost two years after I started blogging.

But yeah. I appreciate it, y'all. You folks rock my bobbysocks.

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