Tuesday, August 01, 2006


1) The Cubs traded Greg Maddux and Todd Walker for a young shortstop in a post-surgery year and a minor-league pitcher. In a word: Boo.

2) Who will play the Joker in the "Batman Begins" sequel, "The Dark Knight"? Why, our favorite young Aussie, Heath Ledger.

3) USA Today ran a pretty long and interesting article about teen "fight clubs" that are springing up in some small (and a few large) towns. Most entertaining is Chuck Palahniuk's quote: "God bless these kids. I hope they're having a great time. I don't think they'd be doing it if they weren't having a great time." No morbid sense of responsibility for inspiring it, there. Good on ya, Chuck.

4) Currently reading (and HIGHLY recommending): The Dante Club, by Matthew Pearl. Must-read for all lit-geeks and fans of American literature and poetry. A murder mystery set in post-Civil-War Boston, involving grisly crimes. The only ones who can stop them? The renowned poets and publisher who realize what is inspiring them. Of course, as soon as I finish this novel, I feel compelled to read the entirety of the source material.

5) Movie Recommendation: "The Second Chance." Yes, it's a Christian movie. Yes, it stars Michael W. Smith. But it has a lot of really important things to say about the American church. And it was directed by Steve Taylor, man! You gotta love Steve Taylor.

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