Thursday, August 10, 2006

An Open Letter to the "Rock Star: Supernova" Voters

Dear Fellow "Rock Star" Fans,

What kind of crazy crackpipe have you been hitting?

How is it possible that Zayra was not in the bottom three AGAIN? I mean, I understand. I liked her bizarre Bowie too. But really? She's that popular?

I think even the band's a little surprised that she wasn't in the bottom three. Yet Ryan, who's been getting better each week (even if he still hasn't learned how to smile), somehow slides into the bottom three. If anything, Patrice should probably have been there instead.

I don't understand you people. It's almost like you want Zayra to win. And that troubles me.

No rock horns for you,



The encores--two this week--went to neither of the people I expected. I did say that Lukas deserved credit, but I didn't realize the band liked his performance enough to give him the encore. Good on him. But then the second going to Magni--didn't see that coming, but I'm down with it.

Well, I was half-right. The double-elimination was finally brought out, to the "surprise" of everyone involved. Yeah, we're so shocked. Ahem.

And Silly Jilly and Josh the Soul Man are gone. Hooray for the first part, and a little "boo" on the second. I feel bad for Josh, but I really appreciate that he had a sense of humor about it. For those of you who missed it, the band announced that the surviving contestants are going with them to Vegas this week via private jet. When Josh was eliminated, and asked if he had anything to say, he said, "Wait, so does this mean I'm not going to Vegas with you?" When the audience laughed, he turned to them in mock-anger and said, "Quit laughing--don't you realize I just got kicked off? Come on!"

One definitely cool thing about this group of contestants was how graciously the eliminated rockers accepted their defeat. I mean, I've been kinda surprised by how cool some of them have been about it. Very mature. Good for them.

So anyway. Now there are eight. Who's gonna win? Two or three weeks ago, I would have said that Dilana would win and Lukas should win. Now, I'm starting to see shifts in the running, and Ryan and Magni are sweeping up the standings. It could be a four-horse race. And that will make for some interesting viewing.

Rock horns up [\m/],


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