Wednesday, April 26, 2006

"The Mystery is Revealed!" or, "Why ETL has nothing to do with eggplants or tall ladies."

Friday, April 28, is the second-annual "Embrace the Lame" Day!

What is "Embrace the Lame," you ask?

Well, basically what happened is that I caught myself trying to "front," as the kids say. There were things that I secretly enjoyed but never copped to, and would even make fun of in public, because they were/are seen as "lame" or uncool by my peers. Or so I thought.

Finally, I had enough with it and decided there needed to be a day to say, "I like this, and I don't care if no one else does, or if anyone else wants to make fun of me for it."

My original ETL post is here.

My second ETL post is here.

My official "Embrace the Lame" Day post is here.

My unofficial ETL soundtrack post is here.


So now, I'm issuing the challenge to you bloggers (and you internet savvy non-bloggers). Tomorrow, post about the upcoming ETL festivities. Tell your readers about what's going down. (Maybe drop me a link, hint hint.) Spread the word, in other words.

Then on Friday, post (here if you like, but preferably on your own page) your own "Embrace the Lame" list. Examples of mine are posted in my links above. After you post your list, comment on my ETL post on Friday to let me know, so I can link you.

Let's take these few days to spread the love of the "lame," and tell the world that it's okay to enjoy things that aren't hip.

Lame on!

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