Thursday, April 20, 2006

Thursday Linky-Dinky-Love

A random smattering of things that have caught my eye recently:
  • If you haven't checked out "The Voice" yet, do so. It's conceptually similar to I want to do with "Bible Redux," but with better writers, more proper (and structured) exegesis, and cooler design. It's making me second-guess my hopes of actually publishing the BR project, truth be told.
  • A&E is currently showing an actual-reality miniseries called "God or the Girl." This series looks at the decision of four guys in their mid-to-upper-20s about whether or not they feel called to the priesthood. From what I saw, this was a very honest, balanced show. I thought it was interesting. You may want to check it out this Sunday, when the show the entire five-part series on A&E, starting at noon CST. The first four parts air from 12-4 p.m., with the final installment premiering at 9 p.m. CST.
  • One relatively big-name blogger talks about why she stopped blogging, in this Slate article. For you aspiring writers out there (myself included), this brings up some good things to consider.
  • Knock, knock. (Who's there?) Free stuff from the internets.
  • Camerin Courtney writes another interesting article for Christian Singles Today; this time, it's a letter to her newest interest right before their first date. Interesting.
  • Here's a piece from CST about the importance to our faith of understanding Christ's atoning but gruesome death.
  • I found this to be interesting, and a little convicting. [h-t: imonk.]

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