Monday, April 17, 2006

Grammatical Moratorium

I, the proprietor and creator of PBB, the greatest weblog in the history of mankind, hereby declare, based on my rights and authority as Supreme Guardian of the English Language, the following moratorium on the use of certain phrases, particularly in online writing:
  • "musings"--No one uses this word sincerely, except for 14-year-old girls who read Anne of Green Gables...and me, when I was 16. I was sensitive, shut up. But this word has been overblown and overtaxed. Enough with "musings." Acceptable alternatives include "thoughts," "ideas," "ramblings," "mutterings," and "vagueries." Actually, you get bonus points for using "vagueries."
  • "ilk" and "of your/their ilk"--Completely unacceptable. This word is used most often in self-righteous tirades. Let's be done with tirades and the "ilks" they spawn. Replacement suggestions: class, type, kind, flock, crewe, bunch, and gang.
If you have further suggestions of words and/or phrases to include, comment below. All entries must be approved by me, the SGotEL, before being added. Thank you.

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