Monday, April 24, 2006

Okay, okay, here's the real list.

The PBB Cool Ten (4/23-4/29)

10. 10-7. Took a pretty tough setback in the loss of D. Lee for the next two months. But Maddux is looking amazing, sporting the lowest ERA (0.99) in baseball.
9. Got to see my first ballgame at Minute Maid Park on Friday. Astros beat the Pirates. Good game.
8. The Sentinel was entertaining. Nothing great. Not as good as "24." But entertaining.
7. Last Thursday? Best Smallville episode all season. This coming Thursday? From all indications, not so much. But the latest scoop on the season finale is that Lex Luthor is about to receive some superhuman abilities of his own. Hell hath no fury like a Luthor super-charged. Good times.
6. I'll have On the Road finished by the end of the week, hopefully.
5. The Ragamuffin Gospel is a good book, so far.
4. Currently spinning my eight-dollar copy of Imogen's latest. Good stuff.
3. During my spring cleaningness this past weekend, I found some of the tests I gave my students during my brief stint teaching. Wow. I was really hard on you guys. SO, for any of you still reading here, I apologize. Hopefully, it did you good. If not, well, my bad.
2. My sister's birthday is today. She's almost an adult now. Scary.
1. The second-annual (HINT HINT) ETL celebration is only four days away!!!

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