Monday, April 03, 2006

The Righteous Return of the Cool Ten!!! (UPDATED)

I know you've missed it, I've missed it too. But today, April 3, 2006, there's a new spring in my step, and a new song in my heart. I knew that it had to be this day that the PBB Cool Ten (TM) returns to the internets.

So here it is, folks. What you've been waiting for--

THE PBB COOL TEN (4/2-4/8)!!!!

10. Know what today is? OPENING DAY, BRITCHES!
9. Carlos Zambrano is pitching in 4 hours!
8. Derrek Lee will be bringing the big swing!
7. Todd Walker will be playing second base instead of Neifi!
6. Aramis Ramirez is gonna have a great year!
5. Jaques Jones and Juan Pierre are gonna bring a boost to the offense!
4. Matt Murton is starting! Way to go, kid!
3. Two quick games against Cincy, and then we're bringing the hurt to The Enemy (TM) in Chicago's home opener on Friday!
2. I'm gonna be screaming from the bleachers of the Friendly Confines in about 10 weeks!!!
1. Both pairs of Sox have won the World Series in the last two years! GUESS WHOSE TURN IT IS!!!

UPDATE: In case you weren't paying attention, Cincinnati, the word is "OWNED." Or if you prefer, "PWNED."

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