Monday, April 17, 2006

PBB Cool Ten (4/16-4/22) [UPDATED]

10. 7-4. Second place in a very tight division. Took 2 of 3 from the Pirates after blowing 2 of 3 to the Reds. Good news--Kerry Wood may be ready to come back as a reliever.
10a. Best Onion article ever.
9. Funniest blog-related blog post ever. You newbies may not appreciate this as much as those of us who've been around for a little while. [h-t: sheila.]
8. I have an interview for a p/t job today. Hoping to pick up a little extra cash for my trip this summer.**
7. I gotta cut out these late nights. I stayed over at the folks' house too long last night. I was lured by promises of "Pride and Prejudice," which is a truly beautiful film. Stop laughing.
6. On Friday night, I heard radio talk host Glenn Beck do a dramatic reading about the Passion and Death of Jesus, set to the music of Pink Floyd (the middle part of "Dark Side of the Moon"). Amazingly, it was perfectly done. He used all the instrumentals and everything, timing it all out perfectly.
5. I'm reading On the Road finally. While I think Sal Paradise is pretty much a loser, I'm still sticking with the story. So that's good.
4. Singer-songwriter-rapper Mat Kearney is the featured artist on the AOL Streaming Music page. Good to see another believer get that kind of play. When you open the link up, it starts playing his album automatically. Worth a listen this morning.
3. You know what I love about Easter? Cadbury Cream Eggs. Don't get me wrong--Easter is first and foremost about Christ...but coming in at a very distant but honored second is Cadbury Cream Eggs.
3a. In the interest of promoting scientific discovery, here's a link to Trav's recent worthy endeavour.
2. I attended the most exciting sports event in my life (until June) on Friday. Full account to follow later today.***
2a. Playoff hockey is a beautiful thing. Hopefully I can hit a game this year.
1. Christ is risen! Hallelujah!

**Well, interview's over. Apparently, I have a good personality and would be a great fit, but I'm just not available enough. Which either means I'm not getting hired by their company...or the recruiter just broke up with me.

***And by "later today," of course I mean tomorrow, when I remember to bring the floppy disk with the post on it.

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