Thursday, December 20, 2007

Reminders and Notices

--If you haven't been keeping up with PBB this week, I wrote an open letter to Patrick McGoohan, listed my Top Five Musical Crimes Related to Christmas, gave you a link to a full online version of "It's A Wonderful Life," and dropped a bunch of fun links on you. Be sure to check all the goodies out, if you've missed them. No, I'm not giving the links here. Scroll down, lazy.

--Some of the Christmas cards have been sent. The rest will be sent tomorrow. You'll get them...sometime next week. Hopefully.

--The usual "end of the year" posting you have come to expect and endure here at PBB will be slightly modified this year. I'm going to be travelling and doing other things, so the year-end book list, mixtape soundtrack, and other such things will come eventually, but it may be during the first couple weeks of 2008. And yes, that includes my much-delayed Boston pictures.

But the key thing is, the Fourth Annual PBB "Slackie" Awards (TM) will be conducted in a different way. No more confusing "nomination vs. actual vote" process. Over the next ten days, I'll be posting the categories, and you will be asked to vote in each category. If you vote and then find a better choice, tell me in the comments to change your vote to your new selection. Your final answer will be the one counted. All voting closes at midnight on December 31, so make sure to check back daily so that your voice can be heard and your vote can be counted.

Hopefully this will help clear some things up. Expect the Slackie "intro" post and the first few categories to be opened up tomorrow. [If you've never experienced the PBB "Slackies," feel free to read up.]

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