Friday, December 21, 2007

Let slip the dogs of end-of-the-year-contest-voting.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome again to the FOURTH-annual PBB Slackie (TM) awards!

This year, the contest rules have again been updated and improved, and I think most of you will better appreciate the new set-up.

In the past, you (the readers) have suggested nominees and have voted on your favorites, but the winner has always been decided by our panel of judges--namely, me. Then we tried allowing your votes to "count" or whatever, but the nomination process became tedious.

Your cries and complaints at the injustice of this set-up have landed on deaf ears--until now.

To review yesterday's post, here's how the NEW new system is going to work:

  • I'll post the category, and you'll cast your vote. If you can't think of anything, you may copy someone else's. If you vote and then change your mind, you may change your vote if you make it clear that you are doing so. The phrase "VOTE CHANGE" is very helpful.
  • The nominee with the most votes wins. The only exception is what I'm going to call the special "Judge's Choice" award. I will be allowed up to 3 overrides to be used when I think a vote is lopsided and a more worthy choice does not receive the award as it should. If I use the "Judge's Choice" option, I'll also list the popular favorite.
  • All ties will be decided by a fair and balanced coin toss.
  • Nominations DO automatically count as votes.
  • Votes from all over the world are eligible, but no spam-bot-like voting to make sure your favorite science fiction TV show about robot races trying to crush humanity wins the category. I'm looking at you, Trev.


Note: All voting is still for entertainment value only, but still has bearing on actual contest results. Contest winners are decided based on the majority/plurality of reader votes, except in the case of "Judge's Prize" vote overrides. The voting will be overseen by the PBB panel of expert judges, and all results will be verified by the accounting firm of Fine, Howard, and Fine. All ties will be decided scientifically (a coin toss). Unlike previous years, the method of picking a number between one and ten will not be used, since most of the nominees are works of art and/or inantimate objects, and cannot pick numbers or communicate their choices. Winners will be notified within three years via Pony Express. The management and staff of PBB/ATDTT, Inc. waive all responsibility of any injuries, arguments, or hurt feelings that may result from this contest or the ensuing voting in the comment box. Don't say we didn't warn you. You must be at least 5 years old in order to vote in all categories. Wyoming voters are now eligible. Contest is still void in New Hampshire, because you people get all pissy about election primaries. Who cares what you think, a full year before the election? Consider yourself voted OUT.

ADDENDUM: That last comment was not meant to insult or demean Iowans, who are equally pissy about election primaries. But the fact is, I'm not sure if you folks are eligible to vote in this contest yet, because you haven't decided among yourselves if it's pronounced "Eye-oh-wuh" or "Eye-oh-way." Get your own house in order before you come calling 'round here.

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