Thursday, December 13, 2007

'Twas the Night before Slackmas

'Twas the Night before Slackmas
And all through the 'Nets
All the PBB readers
Were placing their bets.

"Do you think that ol' Teacher
will really come through
With Noel cards for me
And with cards still for you?"

"Well that all depends,"
said one lad. "Now, confess:
Have you yet sent Teacherdave
Your home address?"

Said his mate, "No, not I!
Oh, say there is yet time!
I can't miss out this year
On his clever rhyme!"

The wiser boy cheered,
"There is hope, don't dismay!
Email him your home info,
For you still have one day!"

And throughout the webiverse
There rang peals of glee!
For one day remained
To get Dave's poetry.

So, write slackerlitgeek
at gmail dot com.
List the numbers and words
that help mail find your home.

And soon, very soon,
(well, a couple of weeks),
you'll hear from the clown-prince
of slacker lit-geeks.

I have to add one thing,
and then I must be gone:

I won't dress like Santa
and I jiggle for no-one.

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