Monday, December 17, 2007

A Stockingful of Linky-Love

Some pre-Christmas goodies for you (both old and new):
  • If you haven't already done some investigation on the author and intent of "The Golden Compass," here are two articles (from Christian websites, so obviously a little biased) on the book series and its opinionated author.
  • Here's a dose of C. S. Lewis to cleanse the palate: the trailer for the new Narnia film, "Prince Caspian."
  • Arm yourself: here's Wizard Magazine's list of the 50 coolest weapons.
  • Leave it to the Onion to perfectly capture the unabashed narcissism of the blogger.
  • The Georgia Baptist Convention approved a resolution denouncing Baptists who blog, stating that blogging "has become a tool for personal attacks on Christians and promotes a negative view of the SBC." My response? That guy's a turd. (Just kidding.) [h-t: BHT]
  • Speaking of church: Have you ever gotten the feeling that some of the people promoting the seeker-sensitive approach to church may be going a bit too far? [h-t: TeamPyro's meta]
  • Want some scoopage on the new Indiana Jones movie? Ta-daa. (Not the Drama Bug.)
  • Honestly, this was bound to happen sooner or later, wasn't it? I just hope it's the start of a new emphasis in law enforcement--an era of arresting and prosecuting anyone caught singing Guns-N-Roses songs who is not immediately identified as "1980's" Axl Rose.
  • LOST! Back January 31! Here's the newest trailer! (The big shocker of the trailer is...*spoiler in red Pig-Latin* Arlie-chay is ack-bay? Aaaaaaaaang-day.)
  • For some reason, I didn't realize the Oscar nominees for Best Song were drawn from such a large list. Personally, I'm pulling for songs from Dan in Real Life, Music and Lyrics, and Once (which I still haven't seen!).
  • "Dark Knight" updates: New posters. New Trailer. SomeRandomChristmas.
  • More anticipated movie-ness: Cloverfield! video scoop.
  • Anybody remember watching the old children's show "Today's Special"? No reason, I just enjoyed the awesome 80's flashback. That was a great show.
  • Stereogum has named this bizarrely awesome video the third-best music video of 2007. I think it's hilarious and can't stop watching it, but unless you are nominally familiar with the comedian Zach Galifianakis, you won't enjoy it as much as I do. (Also, since it's a Kanye West song, there is some bad language, so be advised.)

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