Friday, February 18, 2005

Your witness, Counsellor...

In an effort to reduce some clutter and recycle some of my old things, I've decided to trim the fat in my CD collection and trade in some of the CDs I have stopped liking or just don't care enough about to listen to on a regular basis. This can be a difficult and gruelling process, but I am resolved to do it.

I realize that, in my eagerness to sell off some old stuff (and hopefully replace it with a few new things I'll appreciate more), I may be giving a bad shake to albums that deserve more respect. So I will put it to you, dear readers. Posted below is the list of those thusfar condemned, or nearly condemned, to certain resale. If you think any of these should be acquitted from such a fate, I ask you to make your case in the comment box below. I shall take your well-argued pleadings under advisement.

(And if you instead want to make a snarky comment about how I should never have bought a certain album [i'm looking at you, jess], please keep such comments to yourself.)

The Condemned:
The Velvet Underground, "Loaded" (Special Edition)
Belle and Sebastian, "The Boy with the Arab Strap"
Bob Marley, "Legend"
Duncan Sheik, "Daylight"

The Accused:
Pete Yorn, "Day I Forgot"
Norah Jones, "Come Away With Me"
Vertical Horizon, "Live Stages"

Your witness.

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