Thursday, February 17, 2005

one tiny step forward (non-fiction)

after my class at church last night, i sat in my car in the starbuck's parking lot for about five minutes staring at my phone. i searched through the numbers, highlighted the right one, hesitated, hesitated, hesitated.

pressed 'call.' (gulp.)

answering machine. hung up the phone.


stared at my phone. watched traffic. stared at my phone.

got out of my car. walked up to the door of the coffee shop. stopped. watched traffic.

walked a few steps away. stared at my phone.

scanned through numbers. scrolled past the first number. highlighted the 'cell' listing.

stared at my phone.

watched traffic.

stared at my phone.

held my breath.




'hey there!' recognition in her voice. maybe pleasant surprise?

'hey C, it's dave.'

'yeah, i know! what's up?'

'what are you doing right now?'

'playing games at K's house with her and a friend.'

'fun times. well, i'm over here at starbucks. i was gonna ask if you wanted to have some coffee with me, but clearly you have better plans.' trying to sound playful and light.

'well, now, wait a second--' talking away from the phone. 'You wanna come over here with us?'


'great! here's K, she'll give you directions.'

got directions from K, drove 15 minutes in the opposite direction of home.

spent just over an hour with C, K, and their friend M.

(when i arrived, M and C were wrestling a bit in the floor, before he pinned her down. i didn't know how to interpret this, until it hit me--she grew up with a bunch of brothers. she's a tomboy. this is how she relates to guys--punching in the arm, shoving, tactile ways. which doesn't explain why she doesn't do so with me. probably because we don't know each other well enough. i think that's it. the only other reason why she'd treat me differently than other guys is entirely too hopeful [that "we sometimes don't do the thing we want to do"].)

no real progress made. i was planning on taking the Will Approach (TM) , had she met me for coffee. in the group environment, i couldn't do that.

but i called. i was invited. and i went.

this is something approaching progress.

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