Monday, February 28, 2005

Never satisfied with mere embarrassment...

...our hero followed up his scintillating audio-post (unlike Bono, our hero hates the sound of his own voice), with another call to NewGirl.

She couldn't find anyone else who wanted to go. Our hero said that he was having the same problem. He offered to call it off. She said she just didn't know anything about it. The hero called it off. She asked if the hero was going to go anyway. The hero wavered.

Then, instead of gracefully ending the conversation, our dauntless hero continued.

"Look, when I originally came up with this, it was just gonna be you and me. And when I asked you and you were hesitant, I wasn't sure if it was the movie, or if it was the "with me" that you weren't sure about. So I panicked and told you to invite other people. But... i don't know. The point of it was, I wanted to spend time with you. So... take that for what you will. Look, forget about the movie, no problem. But if you want to do something tomorrow, or find some people who want to do something, gimme a call. Otherwise, I'll see you on Sunday, okay?"

NewGirl said "see you later" and our witless hero hung up.

In retrospect, our hero realized he probably sounded more frustrated during the conversation than anything else, and he wasn't sure if NewGirl made any sound during his monologue.

So did NewGirl call our dim-witted hero back? Did she respond to his ass-backward revelation?

In a word, no. Not only that, but she didn't really interact with him at church, either. And she chose not to eat lunch with the group afterwards.

So, that's that. A classic performance by our asinine hero.

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