Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Ash Wednesday Redux

If only I were rich, and didn't have to work; then I could post all day.

Alas, the Lord giveth what He giveth for his purposeth.

All this to say, ultra-super-busy day. Which means, no Chapter 4, no bad poetry, and possibly no other posts.

I really wanted to write something fresh for today (being Ash Wednesday and all). But the fact is, I haven't given myself a quiet moment of reflection in the past two or three weeks, to think about much of anything. And I can feel my soul choking on the fumes of my busy routine.

If you really want a moderately insightful Ash Wednesday post, feel free to check out what I wrote last year. I hope that will suffice.

Again, gentle reader, thanks for your longsuffering and patience.

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