Monday, February 28, 2005

PBB Cool Ten List for 2/27-3/5 (UPDATED)

10. Getting to see the Crows on the TV (even if they struggled. and got robbed.)
9. Jamie Foxx's acceptance speech.
8. Jamie Cullum's great album.
7. At least I've got a car.
6. Still breathing.
5. Notice how I'm struggling here?
4. Any guesses as to how the weekend was?
3. I finally talked to my all but invisible friend Josh on Saturday.
2. "Be Cool" opens this Friday.
1. Trevor will be staying conmigo all week. Take that, punks.

("Louis" coming this afternoon.)

Update: Many thanks to Trav for reminding me of this.

I think the funniest thing on the web right now is the video of lip-synching (possibly) Dutch kid.

You can find it here with just the kid. Or here, with funny images (of, I'm guessing, his friends) juxtaposed.

If you're not at work, turn the sound up LOUD. You won't be disappointed. If you are at work, turn the sound up at your own risk. (Nothing bad, just distracting and odd.)

What's sad is, five years ago, that might have been me. Okay, more like five weeks ago. Shut up.

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