Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Why, oh Lord, are you so far off?

My dad got turned down for the job he desperately wanted.

His current work situation is all but unbearable. He'll likely be downsized within a year, because of the way the company is being run. He's treated like utter garbage by his employers, who constantly take advantage of him. He's disrespected by those who work under him. And there's nothing he can do to fix it, as it stands now.

This potential new job would have meant a raise, travel, a shiny new company car, and a way out of the dead-end hellhole he currently works at.

But no. After setting him up, telling him how great he was, and stringing him along, the company he was interviewing with slammed the door on him.

I'm worried about my dad. Every time this happens, he gets worse. Each time, he's gotten more and more worried during the interview process, and each time, he sank deeper and deeper into depression afterward. Sometimes I worry (unnecessarily, i'm sure) that my dad will take the Willy Loman/George Bailey approach, and I don't know if there are enough Clarences to stand in his way. (If my dad read this, he'd tell me it's never that bad. But the way he gets, you have to wonder. I come by my depressive mood swings honestly.)

So, the "new man" in me asks for you all to pray for my dad's mental and spiritual well-being, that he will somehow, someway find peace and comfort from a God who he's convinced has turned His holy back to him. Please, please, please lift him up. All my words of encouragement seem to have no effect now.

The "old man" in me asks you to boycott the bastards that broke my father's heart. I have one of these machines in my apartment complex, and I'm never ever using it again. If you care about me at all, you'd do the same. And tell your friends and relatives.

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